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The Creeping Slime is the third episode from the first season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on October 15, 2003.


A mysterious creature starts attacking an oil shack. When Martin and the gang are sent to investigate, they find themselves heading towards a small island. There they meet some very friendly islanders as well as a strange Shaman who has something to hide...


People on a ship sees an unknown figure and apparently got scared and left a signature of slime. The crew investigates what it was and why it was harmful.




  • Polynesian Villagers
  • Polly Potswagel
  • Clark


  • The Black Spirit
  • Polynesian Shaman (formerly, but reformed)

Gadgets Used


  • Slime Scan
  • Legendex
  • Alpha Goggles


  • When Martin selected the Legendex, he was wearing the Alpha Goggles, but he was not wearing them when the Legendex materialized.

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