Scream from the Forest is the twenty-fourth episode from the first season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on July 8, 2004.


Martin and Diana take some time off from their work at the Center to join their archaeologist father for a weekend in the woods. They encounter a “Synth” that’s determined on reclaiming its territory from local loggers.


When Martin and Diana are invited to spend a nice quiet camping weekend with their father, they encountered a half human/alien family called the Synth, who is try to recover their territory in a Canadian forest.


While Martin and Diana is spending time with their father, with no missions being tasked, Java has nothing to do. Billy then gave him a job of mopping the Center's floors to preoccupy the caveman. In the same episode Java discover a secret about the Center that he cannot tell to Martin and Diana or else they would be sent to the South Pole.




  • Gerard Mystery


  • Logger
  • Hilda (on the screen)


  • Synths



  • In the scene, where M.O.M. appears out of a restroom stall as Java was mopping, she doesn't have her signature light purple lipstick.

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