Pilot Episode is the unreleased and unaired prototype pilot episode that was produced for the animated series, Martin Mystery in the 2000's.


In the 2000's, it was also used to have been released and aired this year with various character designs by Zodiak Kids' former character designer, Nicolas Vergnaud. However, the producers decided to use a better animation technique for the first season.




  • Lightning Spark
  • Egyptian Pharaohs
  • Minotaur
  • Mummies
  • Gremlin
  • Indian Priest
  • Alien Police Officers
  • Incan God
  • One-Eyed Tentacle


  • Martin's color of his pants (which he was now wearing) would have been light pinkish red but the current color was now light gray in each three seasons.
  • This unaired episode was used in the outro for each three seasons and also the extremely rare presentation promo.



Character Designs

This second part of the gallery contains various character designs used by Zodiak Kids' former character designer, Nicolas Vergnaud.

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