Mystery of the Vanishing is the sixth episode of the first season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on November 5, 2003.


When an entire train disappears, Martin, Diana & Java discover that it has gone through a space-time portal and ended up in a paradise world – a world inhabited by a seemingly perfect 1960s family named the Applebyes' who have made a deal with Zook, an evil “lava monster” that feeds off the life-force of humans.


The gang ends up in an alternate universe and there meets a family called the Applebyes. Also, a dragon named Zook who feeds on a human's life force every several years.





  • Zook
  • The Applebyes

Gadgets Used


  • Slime Scan
  • Eyecutter
  • Legendex
  • Turbo Bungee

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