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The maid is a girl who was forced to give her life to the master Hexan in the episode zombie island. In the episode, she attends a baptism ceremony and turns into a Hexan worshipper. The maid starts to accept that she will now serve the master, and says: "True servant Hexan, my master. True servant master, true servanttt masterrrr." The maid is now a true servant of the master Hexan. She now joins the group of worshippers to bow down to Hexan. Roche is the worship leader, so he brings people and hypnotizes them into thinking that they must worship his master, Hexan. The reason he worships Hexan is because he was the first one to be taken by Hexan. Now he hunts for new people for serving the master.

"You will now take the final step, and become a true servant of the master Hexan."

-Roche (Lead Servant of Hexan)

"True Servant Hexan, my master. True servant master....true servanttt hexaann."


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