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Curse of the Looking Glass is the first episode from the third season of the animated series, Martin Mystery. It was originally released on January 2, 2005.


When Darla, a lonely student and one of Torrington's least popular and least confident co-eds, gazes into an old mirror that she finds in the school's drama department and makes a wish (to be beautiful and well-liked like Jenni), her "wish" comes true!





  • Darla
  • Matt Carp
  • Torrington Cheerleaders
  • Ian Sanders


  • Crispangores
  • Crispangore Martin (formerly)

Gadgets Used


  • I-Cutter
  • Legendex


  • This is the first episode to use Martin's Mini-Center throughout the third season with the hand scan, and a office-like chair attached to a robotic arm.

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